Playoff Practice

Good evening:

Next week, we will start playoff practices. This is a very exciting time of the season. I have invited all of the lower level players to continue to practice with us throughout the duration of the playoffs. This is a great opportunity for the lower level players to establish relationships with the upperclassmen and the varsity coaches. Also, this extended season provides the varsity coaches with the chance to evaluate players for the next season.

In previous seasons, some of the lower-level players have been able to break through in the lineup for the playoff games on a special team or an offensive or defensive package. Considering that, the coaches will be talking over the course of the week to determine who we will dress for the playoff games. Not all of the players will dress. Usually, 5-10 players are asked to dress for the playoff game.

Practice schedules will be different next week because of parent-teacher conferences. Monday and Tuesday will be typical practices which will start at the end of school and conclude around 5:30. On Wednesday, practice will run from 1:30 PM – 4:15 PM due to parent-teacher conferences in the evening. Thursday practice will be held from 5:30-7:30 PM because of parent-teacher conferences. Depending on which day the playoff game will be held, we may have practice or a game on Friday.

Thank you for the support this season, and I look forward to success in the playoffs.

Ryan Crissey
Glenbard South
Special Education
Head Football Coach
Assistant Girls Track