Hello Everyone:

As we wind down this week with summer camp and approach August, I want to share some important info and dates with you. Please see below:

1. Physicals – All Athletes must have a valid physical turned into the athletic office prior to August 7th. I have received about 20 physicals.
2. Registration for Athletics – All athletes must be registered for football PRIOR to August 7th. You can register your son for all the sports he will be doing this school year at this time. This must be complete online via PowerSchool. Please see the attachment for more information. (SEE ATTACHMENT)
3. Payment – The activity fee, which will cover all sports and activities for the school year, is $150. That payment will be made when you register for sports on PowerSchool. If payment is an issue OR you need to set up a payment plan please contact Mrs. Mazza, the student services secretary, at 630-469-6500 or (SEE ATTACHMENT)
4. Fall Sports Meeting – August 15th is the mandatory fall sports meeting. The meeting will be held in the Auditorium at 6 PM. All parents/guardians AND athletes are required to attend. We may or may not have a short program meeting following the large meeting. (SEE ATTACHMENT)
5. There will be no equipment distribution on August 4th. All necessary equipment that needs to distributed will be done so during the first week of fall practice.

Practice starts August 7th at 7 AM. We want to hit the ground sprinting. Please do your part by completing the necessary steps mentioned above. Once we get to August 7th, the intensity and rigor of practices will pick up. Attendance is the most essential component to be a player in this program. Attendance will be tracked, and if your son is late or not at practice, it will impacts their playing time and the success of the team. Please discuss this with them, but put the responsibility of waking up in a timely fashion on them. “To be early is to be on time. To be on time is to be late.” The boys should bring the “usual” to practice during the week of August 7-11. In addition to that, they should pack a small lunch or snack. They will be given breaks during practice.

I will send out more info the closer we get to August 7th.

Go Raiders,

Ryan Crissey
Special Education
Head Football Coach
Assistant Girl’s Track
Glenbard South High School
District 87