Month: July 2016

Changes for August

First and foremost, practice is not optional.  If your son does not attend practice, especially during the first two weeks of practice, they will not be a part of the program. This program is built on commitment and hard work. Everything is earned and nothing is given. Thank you to the parents who have asked and informed me about certain situations that will prevent their son from attending a practice. Also, please keep in mind that I would like your sons to communicate any football related concerns or questions to their position or level head coach. If there are any major questions or concerns that parents feel is more relevant for them to ask a coach, do not hesitate.
Secondly, on August 9th, the second day of practice, practice will begin at 3 pm for all levels.  Coaches have a mandatory meeting to attend from 2–3 p.m.  
Varsity Parents:  Practice on August 17 will not start until 6 PM. Seniors have book pick up and iPad training that afternoon.
In the case of inclement weather, including excessive heat, we will push the start time of practice for all levels to 6 PM. August can be the dog days of summer heat and I want to be sure the practice environment is safe for the boys.
I will send out an updated calendar when I get back into town.


Ryan Crissey
Glenbard South
Special Education
Head Football Coach
Assistant Girls Track

2016 Football Season – Preparation

Hello Parents:

As fall practice approaches there are several items that must be addressed and taken care of before practice starts. Practice starts AUGUST 8th.  I have attached a 2016 calendar.  Please review it because there have been changes and additions to the calendar.  You will only need to direct your attention to the months of August through November.  I have specified the times of events like Frosh Orientation, School Registration & iPad training times, practice times, and other major events you would expect.  This is a working document so as it changes I will send out an updated copy.

Along with the attached calendar you will find two other documents.  First, the athletic online registration & payment document, which has vital information that can impact your sons participation if he is not registered.  Please review it.  Here is a link to register your child online through PowerSchool:  It is critical that your son is registered for football, along with having a up-to-date physical, PRIOR to August 8th.  All physicals should have been completed by this point, but if they have not been please get that done ASAP.  All physicals can be turned into the athletic office or to your son’s level head coach (Frosh – Crenshaw, Soph – Kichka, Varsity – Crissey).  If your son is not registered and does not have an up-to-date physical they cannot practice.  If they cannot practice their eligibility to play in the first game of the season may be in jeopardy.  All athletes must have 12 practices in before they compete in their first game of the season.  If you need assistance registering online, or do not have a computer at home, please come into school prior to the August 8th to get assistance.  Please get on top of this ASAP.

The second important document attached is the school registration & orientation dates.  This document has lots of important dates and times that will impact every athlete in the football program.  Please review it.  I have placed any important dates and times on the football calendar.

Last tidbits:

Frosh and new football parent info meeting is on Sunday, August 7th, @ 2 PM in the main gym.  Meet Coach Crissey and get to know the program.

Commitment Levels – This program will continue to function and perform at a very high level with athletes who are committed to the program by doing the right things on and off the field, maintaining their academic eligibility, and attending all practices and games.  This program requires a year long commitment to maintaining academic eligibility, not violating the athletic code, and physically preparing themselves during the off season by strength training with our coaches either after school or in advanced weights (Only for Sophs – Seniors) and not at Health Track, XSport, or the Y.   If your son is not committed he will not be part of this program.

Communication – Your sons need to step up and communicate with their coaches.  If there is a reason your son must miss practice, school, or a football event it must be communicated to a coach as far in advance as possible.  There is NO EXCUSE for missed or lack of communication because the football program uses hudl (online film data base with a messenging component), FirstClass email (All the athletes and coaches have an account), Schoology (Frosh will learn what this is), Instagram, and Twitter.  I’d prefer if your son communicated with the coach as opposed to mom or dad being the voice of the student in regards to attendance.

Thank you for your time and commitment to your sons and the program.  This program would not be successful without your support and guidance to your sons.  Continue to set the expectations and standards high for your sons.  We want them to develop into highly independent, functional, and contributing members of our community and eventually into great men, husbands, and dads.